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lolMiner-mnx for Mining MinexCoin (MNX) or any Oher Equihash 96/5 Coin

lolMiner-mnx is a new miner for Mining MinexCoin (MNX) or any other coin that uses the Equihash 96/5 algorithm. Do note that the this is not the same algorithm used by ZCash (ZEC), there it is Equihash 200/9, so this… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Is Finding Its Way into High Schools

Over the past few years, colleges and universities all over the world have been creating courses revolving around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Now the subject is slowly infecting the halls of high school students who want to learn about these… Continue Reading →

Vladivostok Discussed as Russia’s New ”Crypto Hub”

Bankers and government officials have discussed the possible creation of a crypto valley on Russia’s Pacific coast. Representatives of the Central Bank and the executive power in Moscow have taken part in the consultations initiated by the Fund for Development… Continue Reading →

French Manufacturer Archos Launches Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Cryptocurrency users are blessed with an increasing choice of hardware wallets. Ledger and Trezor, the two dominant players in the space, are facing competition from a number of new entrants. Ledger will soon be joined by a fellow French manufacturer… Continue Reading →

Blockchain is Overhyped and Not Quite Applicable VC Andrew Parker

n n n n Andrew Parker, a partner at Spark Capital, thinks that blockchain technology is overhyped and isnt quite applicable to a wide range of applications.n

Austria Wants to Regulate Bitcoin like Gold and Derivatives

Austria Finance Minister Hartwig Löger is urging both his country and the broader European Union to treat cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in a regulatory fashion as they do now with regard to gold and derivatives. Also read: How To Regain Control… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Hardware Manufacturer Bitmain Made a Profit of up to $4 Billion Last Year

The wealth of bitcoin mining titan Bitmain has long been assumed to be north of “huge”. Thanks to its near-monopolization of the ASIC manufacturing business, Bitmain has effectively had a license to print money. This week, Bernstein analysts released a… Continue Reading →

Whale Investors Find Shelter in Republic Protocol’s Dark Pool for Cryptocurrency

Initially introduced in the 1980s, a dark pool refers to the confidential trading of large swaths of financial instruments. Items like equities, securities, and simple shares were the typical exchange medium. Fast forward to 2018, and the emergence of crypto… Continue Reading →

U.S. Winter Olympians Use Bitcoin for Fundraising

Startups are not the only ones using cryptocurrency for fundraising these days. The United States luge team to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea has been accepting donations in bitcoin. These donations have been geared towards raising the… Continue Reading →

Scam Experts or How Organizers of ICOs Become Victims of Scams

Investments in ICO projects are considered to be highly risky for investors, but development teams also regularly find themselves in the risk zone. Nikita Anufriev, the founder of DateCoin, shares his experience and talks about the difficulties he, like many… Continue Reading →

Finance Ministry Employees Caught Mining Cryptos in Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Finance in Kazakhstan has announced measures to improve security and oversight in its IT department after catching four employees mining cryptocurrencies on its servers. Joking that the miners have taken over the central bank’s main duty –… Continue Reading →

Montana Scores $250 Million Bitcoin Mining Campus

The Big Sky Country state of Montana keeps raking them in. For the second time this month, a mining operation is announcing its moving to the Butte area. Power Block Coin LLC is reportedly plunking down a quarter of a… Continue Reading →

How to Easily Keep Track of Coins with Master Nodes and Their Status

You might have seen a recent trend for new cryptocoins to appear with support for MasterNodes (MN) and the large number of such projects is also generating a lot of user interest. Keeping track of MasterNodes coins however and most… Continue Reading →

Play2Live Released MVP 2.0 and Opened Main Token Sale

On February 21, Alexey Burdyko, CEO of Play2Live, opened the token sale with a Q&A live session, answering product and sale related questions. The recording is available here. Play2Live (P2L), the first full-blown blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and esports… Continue Reading →

Report Claims 34,000 Ethereum Smart Contracts Are Vulnerable to Bugs

Over 34,000 ethereum smart contracts containing $4.4 million in ETH may be vulnerable to exploitation. That’s the conclusion reached by a quintet of researchers hailing from Singapore and the UK. Their technical report, which is currently undergoing peer review, suggests… Continue Reading →

Forking is Easy, Maintaining Bitcoin Unlimited is Hard Andreas Antonopoulos

n n n n Bitcoin and security expert Andreas Antonopoulos noted that the execution of a hard fork solution like Bitcoin Unlimited isnt necessarily the difficult stage of development.n

The Top Large-cap Cryptocurrencies Analyzed for 2018 (BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC)

With everyone in the crypto world looking for the next moonshot it is important to step back and look at the coins that drive the entire market. These are the large cap coins, multibillion-dollar cryptocurrencies. The top five large-caps coin… Continue Reading →

Turkish Minister Proposes National Cryptocurrency

The deputy chair of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu, has written a 22-page report seeking to highlight the regulatory vacuum that presently exists in Turkey pertaining to cryptocurrencies. The report also makes a number of policy recommendations… Continue Reading →

Wyoming the Latest State to Introduce Crypto-Related Bills

With blockchain technology and digital currencies finally starting to infiltrate the mainstream, there has been a lot of pressure placed on lawmakers to introduce bills surrounding these burgeoning sectors. What Does the Wyoming Bill Cover? Just like any industry, it… Continue Reading →

Litecoin Price Forecast: Will LTC Price Rout After LitePay Launch?

Daily Litecoin News Update We identify a pattern developing in crypto prices as crypto markets recover on Friday after a two-day slump. Prices seem to be following a routine here, whereby prices drop around mid-week and then begin to reverse… Continue Reading →

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