Direct report of Jihan Wu’s real reason for blocking segwit

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Adjust your TX-fees, only 10k unconfirmed tx in mempool – 20-30 satoshi/byte is enough

Always use manual set TX fees and adjust them according to the current TXs situation. Dont pay more than necessary to the greedy miners. submitted by /u/gemeinsam [link] [comments]

Why Digital Currency Group’s Meltem Demirors Is Skeptical Of Crypto Hedge Funds

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Stop paying exorbitant fees! My $0.26 fee transaction went through within 30 minutes.

I just want to remind new Bitcoiners to check mempool size before making any transaction. Basically, anything below 30k-40k unconfirmed transactions means you don't have to pay high fees (let's say more than 100 satoshi per byte). Today I paid… Continue Reading →

Rootstock video presentation at Consensus 2017

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Withdrawal from Impossible ?

I have been trying to withdrawal my coins from for a whole week now and nothing works … my coins just stay on their website. (i do wallet/withdrawal/enter adress/confirm in email) submitted by /u/Wulkingdead [link] [comments]

We will never forget those who kowtowed to @JihadWu. They will carry that shame forever. I’ll never use those services. #UASF

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Andreas Antonopoulos: Forkology – A Study of Forks for Newbies

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Why are these addresses spam the network with high tx fees? submitted by /u/Miladran [link] [comments]

Infographics: Timeline History of Bitcoin Scalability Debate

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BTC Phishing Email Warning – Email

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Miners stop Bitcoin BIP141 for more than 1 year

Because they want a 2x scaling? Pls tell me this is a bad dream. submitted by /u/pietrod21 [link] [comments]

Just a friendly reminder: BIP148 must be merged on Core.

Here is why BIP148 should be merged on Core: “I don't believe a second, compatible implementation of Bitcoin will ever be a good idea. So much of the design depends on all nodes getting exactly identical results in lockstep that… Continue Reading →

How does BTC solve The Byzantine Generals Problem?

I read here on reddit that bitcoin solves The Byzantine Generals Problem. I looked The Byzantine Generals Problem up on google and kind of understand. So is that the proof of work part of bitcoin that does that? As opposed… Continue Reading → Avalon A741 arived today. looking good UASF BIP148

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I think its time we have a discussion about pseudonymity, reputation networks, astroturfing, sock puppets, meritocracy and how we judge each others content here.

Lately I have been running into an significant amount of new accounts making outlandish claims, stretching the truth, straining logic and outright false assertions. I have a pretty common card I play, which is usually mockery and dismissal due to… Continue Reading →

It moved!

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Mastering Bitcoin 2nd Edition is now ready to ship

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How to get both decentralisation and the bigblocker vision on the same Bitcoin network

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