Daily Discussion, February 24, 2018

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Drunk Whale or What just happened

In bitfinex someone accidentally or other way sold 3k btc in price 9500 $ while btc price @10300 submitted by /u/sahinalibayar [link] [comments]

$10,001 "oh yeah, gonna moon!" … $9,999 "oh no, its crashing!"

I dub this the 'Digit Bias'. submitted by /u/stevev916 [link] [comments]

BitPay bans adult content, gives 2 months to switch to BTCPay :(

submitted by /u/Sexy_Saffron [link] [comments]

This month in Bitcoin.

submitted by /u/i_mash_shoryuken [link] [comments]

Are people too stupid for bitcoin?

So I just got a ledger nano S and was reading about all the ways they can intercept your crypto. It had me thinking of everything that goes into owning crypto and how many intricate ways you can be scammed… Continue Reading →

Coinbase/IRS Notification

submitted by /u/nybe [link] [comments]

I made a minimalistic website with stores where you can pay with the lightning network. Contributions are welcome.

The lightning network is growing and people don't know how to spend their coins using lightning. Therefore I made a simple HTML website hosted on GitHub pages that lists the stores that I know. The repository is: The following… Continue Reading →

We’ll be hitting 750,000 subscribers very soon.

submitted by /u/exab [link] [comments]

I just bought my first piece of bitcoin!

I've been lurking around the cryptocurrency subreddits for almost a year now (mainly r/Bitcoin), trying to get a grasp of what the phenomenon really is about. I got introduced to bitcoin in 2014 and even have a wallet from that… Continue Reading →

Bitmain, the largest mining hardware manufacturer made around $4 billion last year

submitted by /u/vthallam [link] [comments]

A near miraculous escape

submitted by /u/lewjc [link] [comments]

Elon Musk Contacts CEO Of Twitter Regarding Crypto-Scams

submitted by /u/Useacoin [link] [comments]

Why running a node is important

submitted by /u/domelane [link] [comments]

Understand the Coinbase SegWit upgrade: what it means and how this will improve Bitcoin for everyone

submitted by /u/clippie [link] [comments]

Bitcoin will be regulated as gold in Austria

submitted by /u/l_ettore [link] [comments]

Announcing SegWit support on Coinbase – The Coinbase Blog

submitted by /u/Laeh [link] [comments]

Bank of America Admits Bitcoin is a Threat in SEC Report

submitted by /u/DesignerAccount [link] [comments]

Bank of America admits in SEC Report that Bitcoin is a threat to the control of major banks

submitted by /u/djkeithers [link] [comments]

Announcing the new Ledger Wallet desktop and mobile applications

submitted by /u/murzika [link] [comments]

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