> Finally, the main technical argument given for capped supply (that issuance undermines the…

> Finally, the main technical argument given for capped supply (that issuance undermines the security of consensus) is simply not correct. Here I disagree. > Enough issuance will eventually drive down the price of every individual unit of cryptocurrency, it does… Continue Reading →

To be clear I’m not necessarily wedded to a finite supply cap.

To be clear I’m not necessarily wedded to a finite supply cap. That said, I do think that you are missing one of the big arguments in favor of finite supply: mistrust of future governance. The fact is that we… Continue Reading →

An Update on Integrating Zcash on Ethereum (ZoE)

Members of the Ethereum R&D team and the Zcash Company are collaborating on a research project addressing the combination of programmability and privacy in blockchains. This joint post is being concurrently posted on the Zcash blog, and is coauthored by Ariel… Continue Reading →

Announcing World Trade Francs: The Official Ethereum Stablecoin

We have long recognized that in order for cryptocurrency to reach mass adoption, a form of cryptocurrency that has higher price stability than existing cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH would be needed so that people can use the currency to… Continue Reading →

Thanks for replying and appreciate your engagement with my posts!

Thanks for replying and appreciate your engagement with my posts! > I, on the other hand, am looking to create tools to be used by competing groups of good people where at least 2/3 are honest. Oh I agree that 2/3 of… Continue Reading →

Announcing Beneficiaries of the Ethereum Foundation Grants

We’re excited to share the results of the first wave of grants from the Ethereum Foundation. As a reminder, the Ethereum project seeks to support useful dapps and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, and the goal of the Ethereum… Continue Reading →

For now; may be worth mentioning Casper FFG :)

For now; may be worth mentioning Casper FFG 🙂

I recommend the book I linked to in the article:…

That said, I first recommend getting comfortable with number theory and abstract algebra; there are plenty of materials for either of those… Continue reading on Medium »

Geth 1.8 – Iceberg¹

After waaay too much time under development, we’re proud to finally announce version 1.8.0 of the Go Ethereum client: Iceberg! The release fixes a lot of pain points felt by the community and ships a few notable new features, tallying… Continue Reading →

Exploring Elliptic Curve Pairings

Trigger warning: math. Continue reading on Medium »

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! > # someBytes: private(bytes32) # error: “Base type with units can only be num, decimal” You should have just done someBytes: bytes32 . Perhaps we should add an explicit error message that redirects programmers to this… Continue Reading →

Farewell and Welcome

It is with sadness that we announce that Ming Chan, who has served as Executive Director at the Ethereum Foundation for nearly three years, is leaving the Foundation. Since her arrival in 2015, she has played a critical role in the… Continue Reading →

To Infinity and Beyond!

Dear Ethereum community (and wonderful Etherheads!), Today, January 31, 2018, is my last day as Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation. I’m pleased to have been able to guide the Foundation as ED with my fellow directors, team leads, and… Continue Reading →

Ethereum JS Ecosystem Updates

It’s been a fairly busy for the last couple of months for the Ethereum javascripters. To start with, there was a really great hackathon with IPFS. You can read Dan Finlay’s excellent write up here. Also, during this time Aaron Davis (Kumavis)… Continue Reading →

Ethereum scalability research and development subsidy programs

The Ethereum community, key developers and researchers and others have always recognized scalability as perhaps the single most important key technical challenge that needs to be solved in order for blockchain applications to reach mass adoption. Blockchain scalability is difficult… Continue Reading →

Q4 Roundup

Ethereum has grown very rapidly in the last few months. Transaction volume on the blockchain has more than doubled, surpassing 10 transactions per second for days at a time. The number of new accounts created per day passed 100,000, and… Continue Reading →

Introduction of the Light Client for DApp developers

The first version of the Light Ethereum Subprotocol (LES/1) and its implementation in Geth are still in an experimental stage, but they are expected to reach a more mature state in a few months where the basic functions will perform… Continue Reading →

Security alert — Chromium vulnerability affecting Mist Browser Beta

Due to a Chromium vulnerability affecting all released versions of the Mist Browser Beta v0.9.3 and below, we are issuing this alert warning users not to browse untrusted websites with Mist Browser Beta at this time. Users of “Ethereum Wallet”… Continue Reading →

Regarding bandwidth requirements for stateless clients, I can give some precise numbers.

Regarding bandwidth requirements for stateless clients, I can give some precise numbers. Currently, there are ~16M accounts, and tries have up to ~1M storage keys. Hence, a Merkle tree branch for a given account would have ~log16(16M) ~= 6.25 nodes, which… Continue Reading →

December Roundup

December marks a month of continued progress in the Ethereum ecosystem. Research on proof of stake and sharding continues after the research team’s workshop in Singapore in November, the light client slowly keeps getting better, Whisper and Swarm keep moving forward,… Continue Reading →

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