Bitcoin is a Digital Commodity, Not Just a Technology

A recent Bloomberg article argued that bitcoin is neither a real currency nor a commodity. Instead, the author argues that bitcoin is purely a technology and that looking at the price performance of gold versus bitcoin is like comparing “the… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Core 0.14 Released: Better Performance, Faster Synchronization, and More

Bitcoin Core released version 0.14 of the reference client of Bitcoin. This release contains some significant improvements in the performance, especially when building a node. Also, it changes the mempool management, enables users to retrospectively increase the fee for a… Continue Reading →

Australia Leads the Way with International Blockchain Standards

While Chinese Exchanges Extend the Lock of Bitcoin, PBoC Talks about the Shape of the Upcoming Regulation

The large Bitcoin exchanges of China prolong the locking of bitcoin withdrawals, and a director of the Chinese central bank outlines how he wants to regulate Bitcoin; with observation, supervision, licenses, negative lists – and with blockchain technology. There is… Continue Reading →

How the Blockchain Will Revolutionize Identities

Bitcoin is considered to be one of the most revolutionary inventions of this generation. Bitcoin has challenged and to an extent changed the prevailing definitions of money, mediums of exchange and the creation of value. However, important as it is,… Continue Reading →

Bits and Blocks of Ideas: Feature Interview With Anari Sengbe, founder of ProducTank

At any given time during his workday, Anari Sengbe’s mind is brimming with ideas. A self-described blockchain and online gaming junkie, Sengbe’s digital insights and product prototypes have been sought out and employed by major companies like Mercedes Benz, HP,… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Foundation Fights Back Against Stifling Regulation in the US

The world’s leading bitcoin advocacy group, the Bitcoin Foundation, announced that it had retained legal counsel to seek advice on how to fight back against stifling federal and state level regulations that are hindering the progress of bitcoin and other… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin and DASH Serve Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Danny Sessoms, host of an Austin-based cryptocurrency radio broadcast, announced on August 27 that he would be accepting cryptocurrency to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. Sessoms has typically partnered with to deliver food to the homeless, but this time… Continue Reading →

Fee Market Kicks in with Weird Consequences

Bitcoin knocks at its capacity limits. After the Mempool did not empty at the weekend for the first time, the traffic jam on the Blockchain might become a permanent state. Full capacity already bears weird results, like that you can… Continue Reading →

LocalMonero: A Vital Fiat Gateway for XMR

It has been around one week since the launch of and buyers and sellers of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency have already traded monero in many countries around the world. Launched by Monero enthusiasts out of Hong Kong, they based the… Continue Reading →

ARToken Platform Captures Blockchain and AR/VR Synergy

Cappasity’s is the first to leverage a blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. The company hopes to “make 3D digitizing as easy as photography.” With the blockchain providing decentralized and trustless copyright, storage, and content exchange, artists… Continue Reading →

South Korea’s Multi-Billion Dollar Messaging App Kakao Plans Bitcoin Integration

Kakao, which led a $3.3 billion merger with IT giant Daum to form Daum Kakao in 2014, is South Korea’s largest messaging and fintech platform. Kakaotalk, Kakao’s flagship messaging application, has a market penetration rate of over 90 percent, with… Continue Reading →

The World’s Biggest Mining Pool Mines a couple of Bitcoin Unlimited Blocks

AntPool, the world’s biggest Bitcoin mining pool, finally makes its actions speak rather than its words. After complaining about the unsolved capacity problems, the pool mined a couple of Bitcoin Unlimited blocks. But the story is far from clear. You… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Anonymity Concerns Boost Privacy-Centric Altcoins: BTCManager’s Week in Review August 28

In the past week, bitcoin’s often wrongly cited anonymity, or rather the lack thereof has been pushed to the forefront of user’s minds. It came to light that the IRS is using Chainalysis’ bitcoin transaction tracking application to identify bitcoin… Continue Reading →

Chinese Manufacturing Giant Wants to Integrate Bitcoin Miners into Appliances

Midea, a major Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer with an estimated annual revenue of $22.1 billion, is attempting to revive 21 Inc’s previous vision of integrating bitcoin miners into household appliances. With over 125,000 employees, Midea remains as one of the… Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Prime Minister Moves to Legalize Bitcoin

Vietnamese Prime minister approves plan to reevaluate the legal charter for the use of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, in Vietnam. On August 25, VNA reported that Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has charged the country’s relevant ministries to reassess its… Continue Reading → will Launch its ICO with a Livestreamed DJ Set from Their Offices

Viberate, a decentralized music talent marketplace that aims to disrupt the music industry by enabling artists to be paid for their gigs in crypto currency – either with Bitcoin, Ether or their own Vibe token, announced the ICO launch with… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Wallet Promises Bitcoin Cash Support by October

Blockchain, the leading bitcoin and ether wallet platform with over 16 million active users, officially announced its plan to integrate support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) users within the next seven weeks. In less than three months, bitcoin users that had… Continue Reading →

Lindacoin Bursts onto the Cryptocurrency Scene

Named after a beautiful and sweet name that almost everyone admires, Lindacoin is a cryptocurrency offering passive daily income. As a new entrant to the scene, the coin is jumping on the popularity of masternodes, best exemplified by the altcoin… Continue Reading →

Syscoin Adds New Services to Microsoft Azure BaaS Platform

Syscoin have announced that they have completed all of the prerequisite steps for their first official Microsoft Azure BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) Marketplace product certification and have pushed their offering to Microsoft’s staging environment for approval. Syscoin had a bumpy start, launching… Continue Reading →

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