What is Golem and Is it A Good Investment?

What is Golem? Golem is an innovative piece of technology working toward the decentralization of computing power. Although Golem is still somewhat in its infancy, if successful, it would be an accessible-to-everyone, distributed, global supercomputer. It is currently under development… Continue Reading →

Veritaseum Hack Proves Need for Tighter Security in ICO Market

Blockchain startup Veritaseum has become the latest victim of an ICO hack. During its July 24 sale, the platform was compromised and lost about $8.4 million worth of cryptocurrency. Veritaseum is a blockchain project that seeks to utilize the blockchain… Continue Reading →

The Federal Reserve May Inflate the Debt Away, Emboldening a Positive Fundamental for BTC-USD

Almost ten years since the global financial crisis and interest rates are still very low in the US. Higher inflation to reduce the debt load and the realization of the true state of the US economy may spark a positive… Continue Reading →

Is PIVX the Breakout Cryptoasset of 2017?

PIVX, Ubiq, and Zclassic have all forked away from projects that have a strong following to add their own flavor to popular cryptocurrencies. While their counterparts, DASH, Ethereum, and Zcash respectively, have interesting and attractive properties, entirely new communities are… Continue Reading →

NEM: The Crypto “New Economy Movement”

Fueled by a theme known as the “New Economy Movement,” the Singapore-based non-profit organization NEM Foundation is on an ambitious quest to promote their blockchain technology throughout the world. NEM sprouted via an alpha version in June of 2014, before… Continue Reading →

GAW Miner’s Joshua Garza Faces Up To 20 Years in Prison After Guilty Plea

Joshua Homero Garza, the man behind the Ponzi schemes which were disguised as cloud mining operators, GAW Miners and ZenMiner, pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in a Connecticut court on July 20. The announcement was made by… Continue Reading →

BIP 91 Activation Awaits, Parity Hackers Bag $32 Million in Ether: BTCManager’s Week in Review July 24

The much anticipated SegWit implementation could be one step closer to reality by the second week of August now that BIP 91 has been signaled by over the 80 percent of hash power needed to lock it in, which means… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Music Platform Aurovine Rolls Out in India

Blockchain-powered music platform Aurovine has launched in India in collaboration with Audiocoin, BlockPool, and Indian company Appliconsultants. The platform aims to leverage the blockchain to foster growth in the Indian music market. U.K.-based Aurovine is an online music sharing platform… Continue Reading →

Belarus Keen to Utilize Blockchain Technology

On July 19, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB) announced plans to incorporate blockchain technology into a wide range of industries and it will start with financial services. The Belarusian Financial Sector and Blockchain Technology Following its… Continue Reading →

CoinDirect’s Drive to Decentralize the Gambling Industry, an open source platform disintermediating the gambling industry, will use the blockchain technologies of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitshares to offer transparent and decentralized solution for a heavily regulated market. CoinDirect aims to help existing casino networks save millions, as… Continue Reading →

Charting The Disruptive Future of the Blockchain

While blockchain technology has seen a massive uptick in interest since 2015, rarely have we taken a step back to assess its true power and potential impact on our society — people, infrastructure, design, commerce and more. So how immersed… Continue Reading →

Recently Closed Dark Web Marketplace AlphaBay Was Ripe Ground For Phishing

A hacker, operating under the pseudonym “PhishKingz,” has allegedly generated over one million dollars in just 14 months on the recently closed down dark web marketplace AlphaBay by running a phishing scam. The hacker gave an interview to DeepDotWeb detailing… Continue Reading →

Bext360 Unveils Blockchain Platform For The Coffee Supply Chain

Colorado-based technology company Bext360 announced the creation of its first supply chain solution. The platform is called bextmachine and has been developed specifically for the global coffee supply chain. The announcement was made at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)… Continue Reading →

Thai Stock Exchange Launches Blockchain-Based Startup Marketplace

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is set to launch a new blockchain-based marketplace for startups in the third quarter of 2017. This move comes as a response to Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak who in September 2016 strongly suggested… Continue Reading →

Filecoin ICO Will Only Accept Accredited Investors

Filecoin, the long-awaited token for the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) platform recently announced that its ICO will not be open to anyone, only accredited investors will be able to participate. Specifically, this means that only those with an income of… Continue Reading →

Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Outlook March 6

BTCManager’s Weekly Cryptocurrency Outlook highlights the price action and technical indicators on a long-term basis to identify the best opportunities in the largest cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ether, and others. BTC-USD (Bitstamp): $1331.81 Remains Valid Target BTC-USD was cut short… Continue Reading →

Remix Artist Collective (RAC) Releases the First Complete Music Album using the Ethereum Blockchain

It seems that Ethereum’s blockchain technology is bound to transform many of the everyday industries, such as Music. Remix Artist Collective, known as RAC, recently announced a full album release using the Ethereum blockchain. Mostly known for their innovative remixes… Continue Reading →

CoinDash Loses 37,000 ETH To Hacker During ICO

Israeli blockchain technology startup CoinDash is the latest company to fall victim to hackers. During its initial coin offering (ICO) launched on July 17, an unknown hacker orchestrated the heist making off with over $7 million in ether (ETH). CoinDash… Continue Reading →

Hyperledger Releases First Production Ready Blockchain Code For Commercial Companies

Hyperledger, an open source collaborative project led by the Linux Foundation, released its first production-ready blockchain codebase that can be utilized by large-scale commercial companies. On March 22, BTCManager reported that IBM was targeting large conglomerates with the Hyperledger Fabric…. Continue Reading →

BIP 91 Likely to be Locked in Within 24 Hours, Bitcoin Displays Highest Ever Daily Gain

Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91, or BIP 91 for short, a miner-activated soft fork (MASF) developed by James Hilliard, passed its 80 percent activation threshold on July 16 and is set to be locked in within 24 hours. The compromise between… Continue Reading →

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