Former CEO of the Defunct Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Gets a New Crypto Job

Mark Karpelès, the former CEO of the now-defunct Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange has landed a new cryptocurrency job. London Trust Media, a U.S.-based corporation has hired Karpelès as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The company, based in Denver, Colorado,… Continue Reading →

Someone Sent $99 Million in Litecoin, Costing Just $0.40 in Fees

Cryptocurrency is proving time and time again as a more effective medium for money transfers than traditional payment systems. On Thursday, April 19, 2018, according to UK Business Insider, someone sent $99 million worth of Litecoin to another cryptocurrency wallet…. Continue Reading →

British TV Star Sues Facebook for Defamation over Fake Bitcoin Ads

British TV star Martin Lewis is suing social media giant Facebook. He claims that online scammers are using his reputation in more than 50 fake get-rich-quick schemes. Outrage and Delays Although Lewis reported the fake ads, he’s outraged that Facebook… Continue Reading →

Big Things Coming? Goldman Sachs May Soon Launch Crypto Trading Desk

In a bid to accentuate client interests in Bitcoin trading and other cryptocurrencies, Goldman Sachs has hired a crypto trader to run a dedicated trading desk. Last week, Justin Schmidt joined Goldman Sach’s securities division as VP and chairperson of… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Platform Coinbase Bans WikiLeaks’ Account

Following a recent move by Coinbase, the most popular bitcoin exchange in the US, WikiLeaks’ account will be discontinued without notice as announced on April 21. In a tweet from the WikiLeaks shop’s official account on April 21, 2018, it… Continue Reading →

Singapore and Hong Kong Emerging as the World’s Top Crypto-Friendly Cities

After China implemented a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies in 2017, Singapore and Hong Kong have emerged as the leading business-friendly destinations for East Asian crypto companies aiming to raise funds via Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Singapore Becoming a ‘Hub’ For… Continue Reading →

Banks in Iran Barred From Dealing in Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

According to a report in the local media outlet, IRNA which was quoted by Reuters on Sunday, April 22, 2018, Iran has become the latest country to have its apex bank prohibit other banks from engaging in crypto transactions. The… Continue Reading →

ERC-948: Subscription Services on the Ethereum Blockchain

Despite the popularity of a subscription-model economy, it’s challenging for companies to adopt a subscription-based model on the Ethereum blockchain due to Ether’s highly incompatible properties. To receive a product or service on a monthly basis, individuals would need to… Continue Reading →

Mining Is over? Advanced Miners Announces Revolution with ASIC on 12nm Chip!

The mining market is in hands of several large companies. The actual ASIC mining-stations have become obsolete and wouldn’t give desired profit. As for the most up-to-date stations, their price is too high for mere mortals. Advanced Miners is here… Continue Reading →

Circle Trade Raises Minimum Bitcoin OTC Limit to $500k

Minimum order size for bitcoin trades at Circle, one of the largest liquidity providers and over-the-counter (OTC) digital asset marketplaces in the world, has shot up to $500,000. That’s 100 percent higher compared to where the figure stood previously. Rising… Continue Reading →

Crypto Markets Continue to Rally Suggesting Bitcoin’s Bear Market is Behind Us: Week in Review Apr. 23

After a three-month bear market, it looks like the tide is finally turning for cryptoassets. The price of bitcoin has rallied for a second week in a row, by almost 10 percent week-on-week pushing towards the $9,000 mark. The prediction… Continue Reading →

Investors Sue Another Crypto-Related Firm for ‘Disguising its ICO’

Xunlei, a China-based multinational firm has been dragged to Court by investors who feel they were deceived by the firm to invest in its ICO project in 2017. Initial Coin Offering or Puff of Smoke? The CEO of Xunlei, Chen… Continue Reading →

Hammering Home ASIC Resistance: Thoughts on the Monero Hard Fork

In this guest post, ‘B17Z’ and ‘thatmanontheright’ from the Vertcoin team outline their views on the Monero hard fork and the importance of ASIC resistance. Recently, there has been a lot of attention on ASICs and ASIC resistance. With the… Continue Reading →

ICICI Bank Onboards 250 Corporate Clients for its Blockchain Application

ICICI Bank, India’s second-largest private financial institution, is making significant progress in its blockchain-related efforts that first came to light in 2016. According to a press release issued by the bank April 17, 2018, over 250 of its corporate customers… Continue Reading →

Binance to Support Blockchain-powered Economic Transformation in Uganda

Changpeng Zhao, the esteemed CEO of Binance, has announced a partnership with Crypto Savannah that will focus on implementing blockchain solutions in Uganda. The Binance CEO tweeted the news from the country, where he has met with the local Blockchain… Continue Reading →

Tezos Co-Founder FINRA Suspension Could Impact Project Launch

The fine issued by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman could reportedly affect the Tezos project, especially if the SEC deems its tokens to be a security. On April 18, 2018, Breitman was fined $20,000… Continue Reading →

Amazon Wins Bitcoin Patent; System To Help Marketplaces, Logistics, and Law Agencies

E-commerce leader Amazon has recently won a patent which grants them the authority to set up a streaming data marketplace, allowing the users to view cryptocurrency transactions in real time. Subsidiary Wins Patent Granted to a subsidiary – Amazon Technologies… Continue Reading →

Monacoin Quickly Gaining a Strong Foothold in Japan; Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, was brought into the world by a person/s with the moniker ‘Satoshi Nakamoto,’ a Japanese name. Yet, it still has to be proved if bitcoin is really of Japanese origin. Nonetheless, this… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency Mining at Work

Cryptocurrency mining often requires a lot of computation power. Therefore people who want to try their hand at mining must purchase specialized equipment. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive hardware. It usually takes a big mining farm consisting of… Continue Reading →

Ethereum’s Much Awaited Casper Update Is “Ready For Review”

As per a developer meet on April 20, 2018, the much awaited consensus code for Ethereum is ready to be reviewed. Greener Pastures First mentioned in the Ethereum improvement proposal (EIP) 1011, the code marks a step away from energy-intensive… Continue Reading →

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