Checking Out the BITMINE RIG-V6 (rev04) Mining Frame

For people that have been into mining for a couple of years already when it comes to mining rig frames there are not much secrets, they have already figured out what works best for their needs and have tweaked their… Continue Reading →

lolMiner-mnx for Mining MinexCoin (MNX) or any Oher Equihash 96/5 Coin

lolMiner-mnx is a new miner for Mining MinexCoin (MNX) or any other coin that uses the Equihash 96/5 algorithm. Do note that the this is not the same algorithm used by ZCash (ZEC), there it is Equihash 200/9, so this… Continue Reading →

How to Easily Keep Track of Coins with Master Nodes and Their Status

You might have seen a recent trend for new cryptocoins to appear with support for MasterNodes (MN) and the large number of such projects is also generating a lot of user interest. Keeping track of MasterNodes coins however and most… Continue Reading →

Dogethereum (DOGX), an Upcoming Unofficial DogeCoin (DOGE) Fork

It seem that lately it is easier to just fork an established coin than to think of something new and original and try to realize your ideas, after all who refuses free money, right? The next in line is DOGE… Continue Reading →

CryptUnit, a Web-based Cryptonote Mining Profitability Calculator

CryptUnit is an interesting new service offering up to date data for Cryptonote-based altcoins that you can mine, giving you profitability information along with more details about each of the supported coins. You just need to enter your Cryptonight hashrate… Continue Reading →

Storj Switching from Counterparty to Ethereum for Their SJCX Tokens

The blockchain-based distributed cloud storage service Storj has announced their plan to migrate from the SJCX from Counterparty (Bitcoin blockchain based) to the Ethereum ERC20 token standard. They have summarized the problems and reasons why they consider the switch to… Continue Reading →

Try the Brave Browser and Give Brave Payments a Go

We have been following the new Brave browser that promises to give you better and safer browsing experience by blocking ads and trackers and revolutionize the way people support their favorite websites and Youtubers. We have been following the development… Continue Reading →

New Gigabyte GA-B250-FinTech 12x PCI-E Mining Motherboard

It seems that Gigabyte is getting more serious in trying to get more of the mining market share for motherboards after they have left AsRock to dominate the mining motherboard market for a long time. They even lost positions to… Continue Reading →

First Impressions form the ASUS Mining P104 4G GPU

Lately it has been quite hard to get access to or even buy higher-end GPUs used for mining, even at unreasonably high prices it is not always easy, but we finally managed to get our hands on a Nvidia P104-100… Continue Reading →

Claymore’s Dual ETH GPU Miner v11.0 Now Available

Claymore has released an update to his popular Ethereum dual miner for AMD and Nvidia GPUs with some new interesting and useful features as well as some small improvements. The new version 11 comes with two new algorithms that can… Continue Reading →

Bitmain Has Announced The Antminer V9, a “NEW” 4 THS ASIC

The demand for Bitcoin mining hardware seems to causing some strange decisions among the ASIC manufacturers and one such is apparently the announcement of the Bitmain Antminer V9. A small 4 THS SHA256 ASIC miner that uses 1 KW of… Continue Reading →

MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard for 7x GPUs

We got a tip about a motherboard that should be capable of driving seven video cards for mining, namely the MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon, so we got one to give it a try. It is a Z170A Intel chipset… Continue Reading →

MSI Z710A Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard for 7x GPUs

We got a tip about a motherboard that should be capable of driving seven video cards for mining, namely the , so we got one to give it a try. It is a Z170A Intel chipset motherboard for Socket 1151… Continue Reading →

Litecoin Cash (LCC) is an Upcoming SHA256 Fork of Litecoin

If you just had enough of Bitcoin forks lately, then this might be of interest – an upcoming Litecoin fork called Litecoin Cash (LCC) is coming up shortly and it will be using SHA256 as mining algorithm among some other… Continue Reading →

InterPlanetery Broadcast Coin (IPBC) With a Web Media Miner

InterPlanetery Broadcast Coin (IPBC) is a new project for sharing digital content online with with an integrated cryptocurrency ecosystem. Think along the lines of YouTube, but without any advertisements, instead users uploading videos on the platform get compensated by the… Continue Reading →

NiceHash Will Initiate Reimbursements to Users Starting February 2nd

NiceHash has announced its plans to start reimbursing all users that were affected by the security breach that happened on December 6th last year starting this Friday, February 2nd. The NiceHash Repayment Program will initially reimburse 10% of the old… Continue Reading →

A 3D Printable PCI-E Riser Lock Can Save a Lot of Headaches

Every time you get new PCI-E risers for a new GPU mining rig you may be surprised with build varying build quality and that can affect the stability of the system you are building. Even when the quality is fine… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin ASIC Miners Still Hard to Get for Small Miners

If you are a small crypto miner and not a large mining operation you may find it very hard to acquire up to date Bitcoin ASIC miners as the demand is still pretty high and the wait time is long…. Continue Reading →

Octominer B8PLUS 8 PCIe Slot Mining Motherboards

There is an interesting new Chinese company called Octominer that is apparently focusing on the GPU mining market by offering a specialized mining motherboard for 8 GPU mining rigs. The Octominer B8PLUS motherboard has 8x full size PCI-E slots spaced… Continue Reading →

Bminer, a Faster Equihash Alternative Miner for Nvidia GPUs

Bminer is a relatively new miner for Nvidia GPUs for mining cryptocurrencies using the Equihash algorithm such as Zcash (ZEC). It is a closed source miner, available for both Windows and Linux operating systems and comes with a 2% dev… Continue Reading →

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