CoinHive, a Monero (XMR) Crypto Miner for Your Website

Recently we have introduced to you JSEcoin – JavaScript Embeded Cryptocurrency for Webmasters as an interesting new project that uses JavaScript mining via the browser of users and that can be used to monetize website traffic. But another similar service… Continue Reading →

Do You Notice That it is All About ICOs Lately

The craze for ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) seems to be going on and instead of things starting to calm down things are actually getting more and more intense, regardless of the news that some countries may be banning them or… Continue Reading →

How To Save on Taxes and Time When Transferring Ethereum (ETH)

When you are transferring a crypto currency from one address to another you need to pay a fee for the transfer to happen. With crypto coins like Bitcoin the fee is paid depending on the amount of the data that… Continue Reading →

GPU Mining Motherboards from the Chinese Manufacturer Colorful

We got an interesting tip about some new motherboards intended for GPU mining rigs. Colorful, a Chinese manufacturer of video cards and motherboards as well as some other computer related products, seems to be joining the GPU mining market as… Continue Reading →

The Cryptum ICO is Now Open Funding the First Crypto Mining Board Game

Last month we have shared some information about an interesting new crypto crowdfunding campaign coming soon with the ultimate goal to fund the The First Crypto Mining Board Game. Today the Cryptum ICO has officially started and will take place… Continue Reading →

JSEcoin – Javascript Embeded Cryptocurrency for Webmasters

It seems that there is an interesting new cryptocurrency called JSEcoin that is targeted at offering webmasters a different way to monetizing their website traffic. Essentially allowing visitors to the website to mine the cryptocurrency with the help of small… Continue Reading →

BitMain Apparently Releasing 8x GPU AMD and Nvidia Miners in China

It seems that BitMain is willing to extend its presence from just the ASIC mining market as the company is apparently releasing two new devices for miners that are essentially dedicated GPU miners. For now the devices dubbed G1 with… Continue Reading →

BaikalMiner Baikal Giant X10 ASIC Miner Coming Soon

It seems that BaikalMiner also wants to join in the recent wave of new and much faster second generation X11 ASIC miners with their Baikal Giant X10 that was just announced on their twitter account (still not on the official… Continue Reading →

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Crypto Mining Performance

The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is the latest addition in Nvidia’s lineup of high-end gaming GPUs, but here we are more interested in another aspect for using these video cards – crypto mining. Tomorrow, March 10th, the sales of the… Continue Reading →

Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A 6x PCI-E GPU Mining Motherboard

The chances are not many of you have heard about the Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A motherboard that is intended for 6x GPU mining rigs and the reason for that is probably the fact that Gigabyte hasn’t been promoting this product much as… Continue Reading →

New White PCI-E Extenders With Multiple Power Connectors

It seems that there is now a new model of PCI Express extenders for connecting GPUs to mining motherboards available in white color PCBs and with three different power connectors available. The new extenders come equipped with a SATA power,… Continue Reading →

New Eminer ETHASH miner v0.6.0-RC1 With Web Dashboard

There is a new closed source Ethereum (ETH) miner that also works with other Ethash-based crypto coins available and it is called Eminer. The miner is available for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs and what makes it really interesting is… Continue Reading →

The First Crypto Mining Board Game Coming Soon Thanks to Crypto Crowdfunding

The Cryptum ICO looks different than most crowdsales of tokens we’ve seen lately and if you are following us closely you know that we are not big fans of ICOs. It is not a single project, but a network of… Continue Reading →

FutureBit Moonlander 2, An Upcoming Scrypt USB ASIC Miner

Last year we have tested and reviewed the FutureBit MoonLander USB Scrypt ASIC Miner and have found it to be a well-designed and working miner. Unfortunately with hashrate maxing at just about 1 MHS at that time it was not… Continue Reading →

550 MHS BW-L21 Litecoin (Scrypt) ASIC Miner

The recent return of interest in Litecoin (LTC) and the growing price has apparently also sparked interest for more up to date ASIC miners and there is one more contender now available apparently. Here comes the BW-L21 Litecoin (Scrypt) ASIC… Continue Reading →

PinIdea 17GHS X11 ASIC Miner DR-100

PinIdea has updated their product range with a new 17GHS X11 ASIC miner named DR-100 in order to be able to cope up with the increased competition from Bitmain and Innosilicon with their recently announced new X11 miners offering significant… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Core 0.14.0 Released with Performance Improvements

While the controversy surrounding Bitcoin and the block size debate among others continues with the number of transactions ranking up, filling the 1MB blocks completely and transaction fees rising we just got a new Bitcoin Core 0.14.0 release. The key… Continue Reading →

Asus B250 Mining Expert Motherboard with 19 PCI-E Slots

It seems that the race for a mining motherboard with the most PCI Express slots is far from over with the AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ and Biostar TB250-BTC PRO probably being only the start. It seems that Asus is planning… Continue Reading →

Checking Out What is the Current State of Storj

Storj is a Blockchain-based encrypted cloud storage service that we’ve been keeping an eye on since the earlier beta days and while it is still in Beta we are checking how things are progressing from time to time. Running the… Continue Reading →

Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for Blockchain Compute Released

AMD has released a new beta video driver “for Blockchain Compute” or with other words a driver intended for mining and not for gaming use. The Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for Blockchain Compute Driver Version 17.30.1029 (Windows Driver… Continue Reading →

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