Daily Discussion, January 13, 2018

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Anonymous Bitcoin philanthropist will match $4m in donations to research mental health benefits of MDMA

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Why is nobody talking about Kraken being down for 3 days?

Kraken has been down since Wednesday night. I suspect lots of people will have lost trust in them and they'll pull out all their assets if it ever comes online again. submitted by /u/BillBoarder [link] [comments]

Moon Math Update: Core and the acceptance of the first practical scaling solution

Looking at yesterday's post again, it's apparent that clarification is needed. We have Lightning. We have Segwit. We have the best development team with the most experience implementing their own vision. This is not a political debate. This is a… Continue Reading →

The Colonel of KFC weighs in on alt-coins

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It’s True.

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Twitch accepts Bitcoin!!! Biggest videogame streaming service worldwide, owned by Amazon

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Parabolic Trav on Twitter: "Coinbase has realized they only kicked the can down the road when they supported alt bitcoin. The ONLY way out is implementing SegWit and batching txs, and it’ll cause BTC to spike! The flippening didn’t happen, so they now have no choice but to implement"

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Notice how Coinbase CEO only responds to the batching/SegWit scandal AFTER he gets exposed

He would've kept doing it had we not exposed him. What does that tell you about him? Can we trust this business? I sure don't. submitted by /u/wallyjo3 [link] [comments]

Armstrong: Coinbase is working on batching transactions, SegWit, and a number of other strategies to improve transaction backlog. Thx for bearing with us!

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I just transferred out my funds. I can no longer respect you. Goodbye Coinbase.

I really can not stand how they are handling Bitcoin. It is clear they do not want a truly decentralized system to flourish, despite what their framework says. I am not a fan of secret agendas and greedy hands. It… Continue Reading →

Coinbase represents 58% of all on-chain bitcoin transactions because of their incompetence and failure to adopt new tech.

Before Coinbase outage: 2.66 on-chain tx/s After Coinbase outage: 1.11 on-chain tx/s Link: See it here: submitted by /u/AxiomBTC [link] [comments]

Use Bitstamp instead of Coinbase

It's all in the title submitted by /u/Xlren [link] [comments]

Reminder: Coinbase’s current CEO Brian Armstrong is publicly rooting for Bitcoin to fail

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⚡ Lightning Network Megathread ⚡

This post is a collaboration with the Bitcoin community to create a one-stop source for Lightning Network information. There are still questions in the FAQ that are unanswered, if you know the answer and can provide a source please do… Continue Reading →

Sold off $100k of BTC for a house.. Thanks to America and KYC I considered a terrorist/drug dealer/etc and cannot move my money.

Will keep updated if anyone interested. Have to prove I am not a drug dealer, etc. BUT when the banks sell 700b to cartels it's perfectly fine and just have to pay a 15mill fine………….. I always knew bitcoin existed… Continue Reading →

At some point this Coin(Cash)base spamming has to stop. Either because customers are leaving, or because they suddenly change their minds.

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Please help me test my Lightning wallet

I've released a testnet version of Android Lightning wallet today, would very much appreciate if you could help me with testing by trying it out. Google Play: Direct APK download: Project website Bug reporting Github Twitter… Continue Reading →

South Korean gov’t "shocked" at the number of citizens requesting the removal of Justice Minister and Finance Minister for market manipulation

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Just let me drown

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