Indian Bitcoin Community Signs Petition Demanding Legal Status for Cryptocurrencies

The Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem recently woke up to a shocking news on leading media outlets. It was reported that the use of Bitcoin in the country is illegal and could attract penalties under anti-money laundering laws. However, the report was… Continue Reading →

ShapeShift Raises $10.4 Million in Series A Funding

The popular crypto-to-crypto exchange platform, ShapeShift has announced the successful completion of its latest Series A funding round for a sum of $10.4 million. The investment in Switzerland-based platform founded by Erik Voorhees was led by Earlybird Venture Capital and… Continue Reading →

Russian Exchange Platform MaRSe Now Supports DASH, BitPanda Follows

DASH, the fastest growing cryptocurrency has expanded its footprint by getting listed on the leading Russian cryptocurrency exchange service, MaRSe. With this inclusion, the offline cryptocurrency exchange now supports both Bitcoin and DASH. The third largest cryptocurrency in terms of… Continue Reading →

Trafigura Plans to Use Hyperledger Blockchain for Trading Crude Oil

The use of blockchain technology for rapid trade settlements is a concept that has been tried and tested by multiple stock exchanges across the world. Few have also gone ahead and implemented those solutions into their platform. But for the… Continue Reading →

Stellar Announces Second Round of Lumen Giveaway to Bitcoin and Ripple Communities

Stellar, the cryptocurrency platform with global financial inclusion as its mission has announced the upcoming Bitcoin-Lumen giveaway program. The program that strives to increase the participation of Bitcoin community members in Stellar’s initiatives is not a new thing. The second… Continue Reading →

Chainalysis and Nets to Help Banks Validate Bitcoin Transactions

The mainstream banking and financial industry has been apprehensive about extending support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to their independent and pseudonymous nature., The mainstream financial sector is bound by various rules, regulations and compliance requirements that make it… Continue Reading →

SAP Joins HyperLedger, as Enterprise Blockchain Wave Sweeps In

The increasing adoption of distributed ledger technology by companies has made it hard for the enterprise solutions providers to ignore the blockchain. In order to keep up with the changing times, SAP – a leading proprietary enterprise solutions provider has… Continue Reading →

Deloitte Offers an Opportunity for People to Pay for Their Meals with Bitcoin

Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” auditing firms in the world has taken a huge step towards Bitcoin adoption. The company, which has been supportive of cryptocurrency technology adoption and its benefits has started accepting Bitcoin payments at its “in-campus”… Continue Reading →

The Competition to Attract Fintech Companies Continues, EU Undercuts UK with Passporting

The year 2017 can as well be called the “Year of Fintech”, thanks to the development in the fintech sector driven by blockchain infrastructure and smart contract applications. With the traditional banking and financial institutions across the world increasingly expressing… Continue Reading →

Bajaj Displays the Potential of Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize Indian Manufacturing Sector

In recent days, the Indian government has been making a hard push to strengthen the country’s manufacturing sector with its “Make in India” campaign. While this campaign encourages companies and entrepreneurs to manufacture things within the country, the blockchain technology… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Powered IoT Vaccine, NeuroMesh Scores at MIT 100K Accelerate

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is currently underway. As companies work on developing interconnected IoT devices by utilizing a variety of technologies including the blockchain technology, it opens the whole infrastructure to new levels of threats. NeuroMesh, a trusted… Continue Reading →

World Food Programme Uses Blockchain Technology to Alleviate Hunger

Blockchain technology has become popular across various industry segments due to its versatile nature. Applications built on the distributed ledger can be implemented to solve a range of problems, improve the efficiency of existing systems and even bring in transparency…. Continue Reading →

Brave New World Investments Allows Investment in Iranian Equities with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is probably one of the best inventions of the humanity in today’s modern world. The universal and decentralized nature of Bitcoin is capable of erasing geographical boundaries and political differences to create an open economy. A Swedish investment company,… Continue Reading →

Indian Politician Thinks Bitcoin Is a Ponzi Scheme

A recent statement made by one of the Indian politicians shows the lack of awareness about the digital currency among many. The politician in question is Kirit Somaiya, a Member of Parliament from the ruling party. He was reported calling… Continue Reading →

Apple Denies Turkish Crime Family Hack, New Ransom Details Emerge

Earlier this week, there were reports on the media outlets stating a hacking incident affecting millions of iCloud and Apple Mail accounts. The accounts were said to be compromised by a hacker group calling themselves the “Turkish Crime Family”, who… Continue Reading →

Attic Lab to Offer Blockchain Solution to Ukraine’s Alliance Bank

When it comes to blockchain platform development and adoption of cryptocurrency, the Eastern Europe is a strong force to reckon with. The number of crypto-platforms emerging out of this region since the past one year shows an increasing interest in… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Has Grown beyond Volatility Issues

The volatile nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has worked both ways. Traders peg their hopes on volatility to make money while those who prefer investing long-term dread the price fall. The very nature of cryptocurrencies has also forced various… Continue Reading →

Newly Launched Node40 Balance to Make Tax Calculations and Reporting Easier for Bitcoin Community

The cryptocurrency community in the United States is coming under the IRS scanner lately. The taxation authority has been exploring ways to find defaulters who have failed to report the gains obtained from their cryptocurrency holdings. It even went as… Continue Reading →

Circle Bank Attempts to Spark Fears of Fork

Today, Circle Bank announced to all of their customers holding bitcoin that they might want to consider entirely divesting of their holdings in the digital currency. This email follows up on the pivot the bank made on December 7th 2016,  when… Continue Reading →

Loads of Hacked Account Credentials Now Available on Dark Web

Hacking incidents happen frequently; some get reported while others don’t, at least until the compromised data resurfaces somewhere on the internet. Along the same lines, ill-gotten information from over 12 million accounts has made an appearance on the dark web…. Continue Reading →

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