Cryptonight V8 and X22i Mining Rigs Available for Rent on MiningRigRentals

Monero’s planned upcoming hardfork to the new CryptoNight/CryptoNote V8 proof of work algorithm is going well and will just about a day left and miners already supporting the V8 algorithm people are getting ready to mine XMR. Even services such… Continue Reading →

Updated Bminer 10.5.0 With Increased BTM Mining Performance

The latest Bminer 10.5.0 release has introduced another significant performance boost for Bytom (BTM) mining support using the Tensority algorithm, you can get up to 4500 H/s on GTX 1080 Ti or even more which is faster than the latest… Continue Reading →

SUQA an Interesting New Crypto Project With a New X22i Algorithm

We love to see new crypro projects that also come with a new mining algorithms that are not dominated by ASICs or hashpower renting services. SUQA is one such new crypto project that comes with its own new proof of… Continue Reading →

New SRBMiner 1.6.8 Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner With CryptoNight V8 Support

The latest update to the CryptoNight AMD GPU miner SRBMiner to version 1.6.8 brings support for a new mining algorithm – CryptoNight V8, this will be the new algorithm used by Monero (XMR) as Monero will fork on block 1685555… Continue Reading →

New T-Rex 0.7.0 Nvidia Miner With CUDA 10 and Volta and Turing GPU Support

New update to version 0.7.0 for the T-Rex Nvidia GPU miner that brings support for CUDA 10 and the latest Nvidia GPU architectures along with a slight performance improvements. The new T-Rex 0.7.0 comes wit a CUDA 10 binary and… Continue Reading →

Updated z-enemy 1.22 Miner With CUDA 10 and RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti Support

New important update for owners of the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti GPUs of the z-enemy 1.22 Nvidia GPU miner as the latest version comes with an experimental CUDA 10.0 binaries as well. The CUDA 10… Continue Reading →

WildRig Multi 0.12.0 Beta With More Algorithms and Performance

The active development for the WildRig Multi AMD GPU miner continues with full force with new algorithms, performance improvements and new features being added constantly. Since the last time we covered the miner there have been numerous new algorithms added… Continue Reading →

New NebuTech BTMiner 10.0 for Bytom (BTM) With Significant Performance Boost

Another update for the NebuTech BTMiner Nvidia GPU miner to version 10.0 for mining Bytom (BTM) that brings another significant performance boost by increasing the hashrate provided by the miner with about 30% or even more compared to the previous… Continue Reading →

Braiins OS, An Opensource Operating System for ASIC Miners

Braiins is the company behind one of the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin mining pools – Slush Pool, and they something new and interesting to show – an alternative opensource operating system for Bitcoin ASIC miners in the form of what… Continue Reading →

Kim Dotcom Demonstrates Bitcache on Video

Bitcache & Megaupload 2:A first look at encrypted anonymous content delivery with build-in Bitcoin payments. Private. Easy. Safe. Tidy. — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) April 3, 2017 Kim Dotcom has posted a video on Twitter demonstrating how the upcoming Bitcache… Continue Reading →

Firmware With Unlocked Overclock for Bitmain Antminer Z9 Equihash ASIC Miners

It seems that just like with the newer Antminer Z9 Mini the new faster Antminer Z9 Equihash ASIC miners from Bitmain are arriving with locked overclock functionality in the firmware. We already know that these ASIC miners are overclocking pretty… Continue Reading →

Cryptknocker ZCash (ZEC) Nvidia Software Miner by GMO

The Japanese GMO Internet Group has been venturing into the crypto business with ASIC mining, but now they are apparently also wanting to get into the GPU mining as well will the release of Cryptknocker software miner. A closed source… Continue Reading →

Funakoshi Equihash 144,5 CUDA Miner v4.10 For Windows and Linux

Funakoshi’s Equihash 144,5 CUDA miner is arguably the fastest Equihash 144,5 Nvidia GPU miner available at the moment for both Linux and Windows users with the software constantly being developed and improved as you can see from the short timespan… Continue Reading →

New T-Rex 0.6.10 Nvidia GPU Miner For Windows and Linux

New update to version 0.6.10 for the T-Rex Nvidia GPU miner that brings extra performance for a number of supported algorithms, along with some new features, bug fixes and even some useful cosmetic changes. The new T-Rex 0.6.10 should get… Continue Reading →

New lolMiner 0.5 AMD and Nvidia OpenCL Multi Equihash GPU Miner

GPU miners of Equihash-based altcoins might want to check the latest lolMiner 0.5 – an OpenCL miner for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs that supports Equihash 144.5 (ANON, ASF, BTG, BTCZ, LitecoinZ, HeptaCoin, Safecoin, Snowgem, ZEL), Equihash 96.5 (Minexcoin), Equihash… Continue Reading →

CryptoDredge 0.9.2 With CryptoNightSaber Support and Performance Improvements

The latest version 0.9.2 of the CryptoDredge Nvidia GPU miner for both Linux and Windows comes with a new algorithm supported as well as some performance improvements and fixes. The new algorithm getting added is CryptoNightSaber used by BitTube, Allium… Continue Reading →

Updated z-enemy 1.21 Miner With Performance and Stability Improvements

Another update for the z-enemy 1.21 Nvidia GPU miner that apparently focuses on adding some not so significant performance and stability improvements, as well as fixing some bugs. The lest new feature is an uptime reporting, so you know how… Continue Reading →

Bitmain Announced Their First 7nm ASIC Chip, Soon in Miners

Bitmain has finally announced their next generation of ASIC chips that are based on 7nm Finfet technology called BM1391 for the SHA256 algorithm, these chips will power the next generation of Bitcoin ASIC miners coming from the company. The new… Continue Reading →

Fake Extortion Emails Demanding Bitcoin For No Apparent Reason

You probably have heard about crypto viruses that encrypt your files and demand a ransom in Bitcoin to get your data back, though even if paying the demanded BTC you may still not get access back to the data. Well… Continue Reading →

Updated zjazz CUDA Miner 0.97 for Merit and BitCash Mining

There is a new update of the zjazz CUDA Miner 0.97 for the Cuckoo Cycle algorithm that is being used by the Merit (MRT) and BitCash (BITC) projects. The new version comes with a number of improvements in functionality improvements,… Continue Reading →

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