What is a Mining Pool and Are They Profitable in 2018? (Analyzing Their Risks)

The news has been filled with headlines regarding cryptocurrency mining facilities taking over dilapidated warehouses. There have also been many reports of mining hardware being seized at borders and being stolen from mining facilities. With the significant costs involved with… Continue Reading →

Zeroedge to Offer Zero Percent Commission on E-Sports Betting

Online sports betting has been growing in popularity over the past few years and is now the leading form of online gambling in the world. An interesting niche within the world of online sports betting has also been growing and,… Continue Reading →

U.K Government Set to Create Favorable Regulations for Cryptocurrency

UK regulatory authorities have started looking into the impact of digital assets on the country’s economy, with the view to regulating the crypto ecosystem in a way that will be advantageous to all stakeholders. Regulation that Supports Innovation According to… Continue Reading →

Professor Alex Pentland Loves the Blockchain and What the Future Holds (A Bullish 2018)

It is no surprise that blockchain technology is managing to be adopted by individuals and businesses from all walks of life. What once had a taboo associated with it is now being viewed as a revolutionary platform to base businesses… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Research Institute and NASSCOM Sign MoU

NASSCOM, the Indian National Association of Software and Services Companies, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the French-Canadian Blockchain Research Institute on February 21, 2018. Blockchain Reclaiming its Pole Position over Cryptocurrency In cementing an understanding of anticipated cooperation… Continue Reading →

Zero Edge Raised Significant Funds in Pre-Sale

Zero Edge Raised $5 million from Private Investors Zero Edge is set to fully revolutionize the online casino industry with its brand new cryptocurrency-based online gambling model. In its run up to Pre-ICO and ICO, Zero Edge has already attracted… Continue Reading →

U.S. Government Arrest BitFunder Founder Jon Montroll

Jon Montroll, the owner of BitFunder, an obsolete Bitcoin-denominated stock exchange, was arrested by the United States government. A joint investigation from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), led to the arrest of Montroll,… Continue Reading →

Iran Government U-turns on Bitcoin, but Proposes National Cryptocurrency

In November 2017, reports indicated that the Iranian government was building infrastructure to embrace Bitcoin, which would aid in bypassing economic sanctions. However, the government has now debunked claims of giving bitcoin a legal status as reported on Iran Front… Continue Reading →

The Mysterious Fate of Bitcoin Wallets Forfeited by the U.S. Government

It’s relatively common practice for the United States law and order machinery to seize illegally obtained properties from criminals. Traditionally, the seized properties are often in the form of black money, luxury cars, real-estate investments, and so on. Opacity in… Continue Reading →

Whale Investors Find Shelter in Republic Protocol’s Dark Pool for Cryptocurrency

Initially introduced in the 1980s, a dark pool refers to the confidential trading of large swaths of financial instruments. Items like equities, securities, and simple shares were the typical exchange medium. Fast forward to 2018, and the emergence of crypto… Continue Reading →

U.S. Winter Olympians Use Bitcoin for Fundraising

Startups are not the only ones using cryptocurrency for fundraising these days. The United States luge team to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea has been accepting donations in bitcoin. These donations have been geared towards raising the… Continue Reading →

Scam Experts or How Organizers of ICOs Become Victims of Scams

Investments in ICO projects are considered to be highly risky for investors, but development teams also regularly find themselves in the risk zone. Nikita Anufriev, the founder of DateCoin, shares his experience and talks about the difficulties he, like many… Continue Reading →

Play2Live Released MVP 2.0 and Opened Main Token Sale

On February 21, Alexey Burdyko, CEO of Play2Live, opened the token sale with a Q&A live session, answering product and sale related questions. The recording is available here. Play2Live (P2L), the first full-blown blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and esports… Continue Reading →

The Top Large-cap Cryptocurrencies Analyzed for 2018 (BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC)

With everyone in the crypto world looking for the next moonshot it is important to step back and look at the coins that drive the entire market. These are the large cap coins, multibillion-dollar cryptocurrencies. The top five large-caps coin… Continue Reading →

Wyoming the Latest State to Introduce Crypto-Related Bills

With blockchain technology and digital currencies finally starting to infiltrate the mainstream, there has been a lot of pressure placed on lawmakers to introduce bills surrounding these burgeoning sectors. What Does the Wyoming Bill Cover? Just like any industry, it… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Week in New York and Conferences All Weekend (Beginning Feb. 23, 2018)

The markets remain as volatile as ever, but blockchain and cryptocurrencies are immersing themselves in cities across the world. Blockchain technology was called a bubble for the last nine years, and it seems time to have overcome that accusation. Conferences… Continue Reading →

Hackers Hijack Tesla’s Cloud to Mine Cryptocurrency

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, has become the latest victim of a cryptocurrency mining malware attack after its cloud service was hijacked to mine cryptocurrency. In a blog post on, February 20, 2018, by RedLock, a cybersecurity outfit, suspected hackers… Continue Reading →

Russian Government Looking to Replace Legacy Voting Systems with Blockchain Technology

While the Russian State is emerging as both hot and cold towards bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is actively exploring the capabilities of Blockchain technology. If all goes according to plan, the world power will soon start using the distributed… Continue Reading →

South Korean Crypto Exchanges Earned $648 Million in 2017 that is Taxable

While the global markets for cryptocurrencies exploded in 2017, South Korea was one of the countries that saw a massive spike in trading volume as crypto-mania took over. There were often high premiums being paid by traders on South Korean… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Price Analysis Feb. 23: Bearish Trend Still in Play

For those that have been monitoring bitcoin (BTC) lately, there has been a lot of talk and speculation in the last week or so about whether we’ve finally entered into the ‘bull market’ and whether the trend has reversed. Have… Continue Reading →

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