Bringing Real World Value onto the Blockchain with OpenLaw and ChainLink

Open Law and ChainLink are teaming up to bring real-world valuations of smart contracts to the digital space according to August 14, 2018, reports. Capitalizing on the Blockchain ChainLink is a blockchain platform which allows smart contracts to access off-chain… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Benefits Remains Unclear For Commodity Traders

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released a report on August 16, 2018, which outlined the complexities of implementing blockchain technology in enterprise and corporate systems. The group urged senior executives to reconsider the benefits of the innovation and assess the… Continue Reading →

Nvidia Says its Crypto Businesses is Never Coming Back, Officially Out

In a second-quarter earnings call, Nvidia CEO Colette Kress has said that the revenues from its cryptocurrency venture have declined to a point in which the chip manufacturing conglomerate will now have to back out from the crypto sector. $100… Continue Reading →

Binance Form Alliance with LCX to Launch Binance LCX Crypto-to-Fiat Exchange

Binance, the world’s largest cryptoassets exchange by 24-hour trading volume, has announced the launch of a fiat-to-crypto exchange in the heart of Europe. It will offer trading between the Swiss Franc (CHF) and Euro (EUR) against a handful of established… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Fraud on the Rise in Britain

According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a British watchdog, cryptocurrency fraud is on the rise in Britain according to Reuters report on August 17, 2018. The fraudsters lure their victims with promises of instant wealth through their “investment packages.”… Continue Reading →

Ripple’s CTO Invented a Distributed Computer System in the 80s Before Satoshi’s Bitcoin

David Schwartz, Ripple’s chief technology officer, had conjured a similar concept to Nakamoto’s Bitcoin blockchain 30 years ago, known as a “multilevel distributed computer system,” reported The Next Web on August 17, 2018.  On August 25, 1998, Schwartz filed a patent for… Continue Reading →

Exchange Traded Notes Allow Investors with Dollars into the Market

In late August 2018, American investors will be able to purchase a Bitcoin exchange-traded-note which seeks to allow some of the more timid investors an opportunity to own the digital currency. The product is called Bitcoin Tracker One, and it is now… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Venture Summit

Blockchain Venture Summit; Connect with established investors and enthusiasts in the epicenter of London’s financial district. 8 Northumberland Avenue, London. November 21, 2018 Following the success of the conference in Istanbul in March, the Blockchain Venture Summit is coming to… Continue Reading →

U.S. Research Team Attempts to Solve Bitcoin’s Scalability Crisis

A research team from Northwestern University, in Illinois, U.S.A., believes they have unraveled one of Bitcoin’s long-standing nemesis: The problem of scalability. As reported by MarketWatch on August 15, 2018, the scholars put out details of their innovative solution. Scalability… Continue Reading →

Coinbase Acquires Distributed Systems to Become the Facebook of Crypto

In a bid to become the Facebook of the crypto sector, Coinbase, the world’s largest exchange for buying and selling digital currencies, announced the acquisition of Distributed Systems, a three-year-old startup building identity standards for dApps known as the clear… Continue Reading →

Bitwise Launches Three New Crypto Index Funds, Renames its HOLD 10 Index

On August 15, 2018, Bitwise, the creator of the world’s first cryptocurrency index fund, has announced the creation of three new cryptoassets index funds to cover the mid-cap cryptos, small-cap coins, and the total market segments of the blockchain-based virtual… Continue Reading →

Wyre Ties up with MakerDAO to Offer Dai-Based Fiat-Crypto Trading Pairs

Wyre, the blockchain-based payment transfer company from San Francisco, has entered a new agreement with the developer of Dai to add the barely one-year-old stablecoin into its portfolio on August 14, 2018. Dependence on Speculative Cryptocurrencies Per the deal with… Continue Reading →

What Is Sharding?

Sharding is a concept in database design, and as implied by its name, sharding involves creating smaller parts from a larger one. In the context of databases, sharding results in the creation of smaller partitions in the ledger. These partitions… Continue Reading →

Messaging App Line Announces a $10 million Cryptocurrency Fund

Chinese messaging app Line recently announced on August 15, 2018, the launch of a $10 million investment fund dedicated to cryptocurrency startups. Line’s South Korean-based subsidiary Unblock Corporation will operate the fund, and it will be known as Unblock Ventures…. Continue Reading →

Ryan Selkis on Token Curated Registries and Crypto Industry: “Many ICOs Are Terribly Overvalued”

Messari Token Curated Registry founder Ryan Selkis has taken a jibe at the ICO industry, declaring that it is fundamentally misused for primarily fundraising purposes and that the speculative environment around ICOs has created a situation where many ICOs are… Continue Reading →

Pantera Capital Primed to Raise $175 for Cryptocurrency-Focussed Venture Fund

A U.S.-based blockchain technology investment firm, Pantera Capital, has raised $71 million from 90 investors, out of the $175 million it’s looking to get for its third cryptocurrency fund, reported TechCrunch on August 15, 2018. Aiming for the Moon At… Continue Reading →

BitPesa Partners with Bitbond to Offer Alternative Financing to African SMEs

On March 28, Pan-African B2B remittance platform BitPesa and global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform BitBond announced a partnership with the aim to improve access to funding for small and medium-sized enterprises in Africa. BitPesa provides a digital platform that uses… Continue Reading →

Lawsuit against Ripple to Continue in Federal Court as Motion to Remand is Slammed

A United States Court judge in Northern District of California has slapped down an investors motion to remand the class action suit against Ripple Labs on August 14, 2018. The case is now set to move to federal court. On… Continue Reading →

Coinbase CEO Warns that Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption is a Long Way Off

In Mid August Brian Armstrong, CEO the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase warned that mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is going to take much longer than expected. This is a possible harbinger of slowing growth in market capitalization in Bit coin…. Continue Reading →

“Blocklattice” Developer DEXON Foundation Secures $20 Million in Funding, Shares Speed Test Results

DEXON Foundation, an offshoot of the world’s first zero-fee, high-frequency cryptocurrency trading platform COBINHOOD, has bagged $20 million in a new funding round led by hedge fund firm IDG Capital. The nonprofit now plans on using the newly raised capital… Continue Reading →

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