December 2017

Rise of the Bitcoin Politician: Austin Peterson’s Scrappy Run for US Senate

In the run-up to the 2018 November federal elections in the United States, at least three politicians are accepting bitcoin in donation, including an incumbent House member. One hopeful, Austin Petersen, is openly discussing the world’s most popular cryptocurrency’s benefits… Continue Reading →

The Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 3: Do You Want a Government Fiat Crypto? (Part 4)

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations. Section 1 : The Trusted Third Party Problem Chapter 3: Trying to Undo Satoshi by Wendy McElroy Do You Want a Government Fiat Crypto? (Chapter 3, Part 4) It is the ability… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin’s Market Cap Surpasses the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights Reserves

Twenty-four hours ago the decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin and its US$300Bn market capitalization just surpassed the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Special Drawing Rights market (SDR $291Bn). Also read: Cayman Investment Forum Focuses on Rise of Bitcoin and Failing Dollar Bitcoin’s Market Valuation… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency Gets Its Own Comedy In “Bitcoin” – the Movie

Bitcoin is serious business, but not so serious that it can’t afford to laugh at itself. It was inevitable that someone would commission a bitcoin movie sooner or later, and in the event that honor has gone to Christian Cashmir…. Continue Reading →

Bitcoin’s Price Captures a New High Touching $18,000

The price of bitcoin has reached the landmark milestone of $18,000 per BTC across global exchanges after having an incredible run during November and December of 2017. The decentralized currency’s price seems like it will close out with a bang… Continue Reading →

Venezuela’s National Cryptocurrency Advances But Experts Warn of Corruption

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has advanced the creation of the country’s national cryptocurrency, the Petro. He believes it will take off and solve the country’s economic problems next year, but experts are concerned with corruption. Moody’s credit rating agency, for… Continue Reading →

What is Ethereum?

To fully understand what Ethereum is, you need to know a little about blockchain, a word that cryptocurrency followers have been taking for granted. The easiest way to explain blockchain is with an analogy from your daily life. If cryptocurrency… Continue Reading →

NAGA Wallet Cryptocurrency Solutions for your Success

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency topics are getting more and more attention. Day by day, more people are getting interested and involved in crypto. The geeky community that supported crypto through the first steps is being joined… Continue Reading →

Goldman Sachs Wont Offer Margin To Some Bitcoin Futures Traders

Goldman Sachs is asking traders to provide 100 margin on the bitcoin futures positions it&8217s clearing, reports suggest. Reports have hit the press this week that Goldman Sachs is demanding that certain clients stump up 100 margin on their bitcoin… Continue Reading →

IQeon Platform Transforms the Way We Approach Gaming Industry

IQeon is a decentralized gaming PvP platform. This ecosystem is based on Ethereum blockchain and brings users the wide range of games, applications based on intelligent competitions between users, motivational applications, etc. The revolutionary approach that IQeon uses is giving… Continue Reading →

Woman Arrested for Sending $60,000 in Bitcoin to ISIS

A woman in Long Island has been arrested and charged for sending about $150,000 to the terrorist group ISIS. Of that amount, roughly $60,000 was in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies offer people an economic system… Continue Reading →

Double Capital Group Launches Worlds First Cryptocurrency Indexation and Analysis Service

Traditional financial word is long-established, it is strictly controlled by the government, and its functions are divided amongst a number of players banks, brokers, stock markets, auditors, and investors. The cryptocurrency market situation is different chaos and inconsistency reign supreme,… Continue Reading →

South African Revenue Service Has Their Eye on Your Bitcoins

The South African Revenue Service SARS is showing a keen interest in monitoring crypto trading in the country through blockchain-based technology. SARS has a fickle relationship with the people of South Africa, which is quite common between the average person… Continue Reading →

BitPay to Add Support for Bitcoin Cash, Other Cryptocurrencies

BitPay is one of the most popular Bitcoin payment processing companies in the world. Today, they announced support for more cryptocurrencies, starting with implementing Bitcoin Cash to their payment platform and debit cards. BitPay is a point-of-sale company that allows… Continue Reading →

Facebook Exec Joins Ripple Team

Bitcoin has remained relatively stable this week, slowly heading up from $16,500 to around $17,500 where it currently trades. Action is likely to heat up over the weekend as two more US exchanges launch their BTC futures contracts. This week… Continue Reading →

Worlds First Crypto Bank AriseBank Announces BitShares Partnership, Acquisition of FDIC-Insured Bank

The worlds first decentralized cryptocurrency bank, AriseBank, announced that they have reached an agreement with a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC insured bank that has been in operation in the US for over a century. The acquisition, in addition to… Continue Reading →

North Korean Lazarus Group hackers used malware against London cryptocurrency firm to steal bitcoins

Security experts believe that the prolific hacker group has launched a phishing campaign against cryptocurrency companies.

Bitcoin SegWit update

Russian pipeline giant Transneft’s computers hit with malware that covertly mined cryptocurrency

Russian authorities are currently working to create a legal framework to regulate virtual currencies as their value and interest continues to boom.

TD Ameritrade Starts Trading Bitcoin Futures on Monday

TD Ameritrade, like many other titans of the financial world, is also jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. Indeed, the giant securities brokerage services provider will start trading Bitcoin futures when the financial markets open on Monday, December 18, 2017. The… Continue Reading →

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